10 Famous Successful People Who Dropped Out Of College

There are some successful people that didn’t even finish college. You would be surprised to hear such known names and find out that they never graduate. Despite their college experience, they were set for greatness and they got to unbelievable achievements. Ellen DeGeneres dropped out of the University of New Orleans. She left just after one semester.

Mark Zuckerberg literally left Harvard to invent Facebook and spend more time on it. Russell Simmons dropped out of Manhattan City College and didn’t complete his sociology degree. Brad Pitt wanted to be a journalist until he dropped out of the University of Missouri two weeks before graduation. Ted Turner, was expelled from Brown University after he was caught with a girl in his room. Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College. Natasha Bedingfield withdrew from the University of Greenwich to focus on her singing career. Even Oprah dropped out of the Tennessee State University and is doing pretty well!

Also, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and founded Microsoft. F. Scott Fitzgerald left Princeton University because of really low grades. We guess the lesson to learn is that college can be helpful for your future, but those who are not good at it can succeed anyway!

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