Ten Things to Know Before Dating an English Major

Like the novels they love, English majors can be deep, meaningful and inspiring. The world is an open book and English majors are ready to read their way through. Before you fall head over heels, here’s what you need to know.

We might seem spacey – We’re not ignoring you, we’re just lost in thought. Maybe we just read something magical or we see something that reminds us of our favorite book – either way, we’ve just been drawn away into our mind palaces for a moment and we’ll be right back.

We’re not sure who comes first, you or our books – Its not that we don’t love you, it’s just that we love the other worlds and other people we’ve met while we’re reading. It’s a relationship too.

The workload is insane – English majors have to chew their way through a number of books every week. On top of that there’s papers to write, books to lug around and we’ll need hours to get our reading done. You’ve been warned.

Our BFF is Caffeine – Those all-nighters have to be fueled somehow and we would mainline caffeine if we could. Pro tip: this is also a way to our hearts.

We’ll never see the movie without reading the book – Do not even suggest such blasphemy so don’t ruin a potentially lovely date night with this mistake.

We will over analyze – We spend hours looking into words and reading into character’s thoughts and emotions so its no surprise that we’ll do the same in our relationships.

We bow to the Creative Writing majors – There are English majors and then there are the Creative Writing majors. Those who can create worlds with their words are truly to be admired and choosing this major will win you points.

We feel more deeply – We’ve been moved by words, enchanted by characters and uplifted by a story. These are the experiences that have made us able to feel on a deeper level. Love us for it.

We’ll always say yes to a Barnes and Noble Date – Browsing endless books and maybe getting a coffee as well? No way we can say no.

We Heart Mr. Darcy – There have been tens of books and hundreds of heroes, but no one will ever steal our heart the way Mr. Darcy did. Don’t even try to compete.

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