Creative Gifts for College Grads

This is a milestone to celebrate and you can make the moment even sweeter by getting your grad just the thing they need for the next step in their journey.

1. Alma mater diploma frame

They’ll need somewhere to put that fancy piece of paper and there is no better place than in a frame where they just spent their four best years.

2. Shadow box memories

Fill a shadow box frame with photos, tickets and other mementos from their college experience. It will be a great way to always remember the good times.

3. Digital picture frame

They can take a lot of pictures in four years, so give them a place where they can show them off in style.

4. College memorabilia

Most university bookshops offer a wide variety of memorabilia to suit many interests. Is your grad a coffee fiend? Pick up a travel mug. Are they always planning picnics? How about a blanket emblazoned with the logo of their alma mater.

5. Housewarming gift

Moving into their own apartment is a big step and helping grads out with their new digs will be most appreciated. Try a tool kit, or gift certificates to places like the Home Depot, IKEA and Bed Bath and Beyond.

6. A meaningful book

There’s always time for one more book and a classic like Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess or The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein will be most appreciated mementos for college grads going forward.

7. Your favorite cookbook 

After years of ramen and cafeteria food, college grads need to learn their way around the kitchen. Give them the tools they need with a personal touch, and send them a copy of a cookbook you’ve found useful.

8. Personal recipes

Get together the friends and relatives of the recent grad and pool your favorite recipes to hand over in an album or recipe box. You’ll be handing the memories over to a very grateful new cook.

9. Something to help them in their new city

Think about where the graduate is going and the little things might help them out amidst all the big changes. A subway pass for New York City or a map of all the museums in Washington, D.C.

10. Business card holder

They’re in the real world now and will need to start networking to climb that career ladder. Give them the confidence to spread their brand with a classic business card holder.

11. Briefcase or bag

Send your graduate off to the office in style with a fashionable briefcase or bag. It’s the perfect gift, particularly for students on their way to the highly corporate fields.

12. Engraved pen

Small details that indicate elegance are what really set some people apart. This is a classic gift that will give any graduate years of compliments.

13. Classic jewelry

Certain pieces of jewelry will never go out of style and these timeless classics make perfect graduation gifts. A watch, diamond studs, cuff links or a pearl necklace are all elegant ways to say congratulations.

14. A family memento or heirloom

A college graduation is a moment that warrants something special. Trusting your graduate with something precious in your family is a touching way to send them off into the real world.

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