3 Bright Blooms You Can Use to Beautify Your Living Space

When you’re a student, your living space can often not feel quite your own. Whether you’re sharing with others, or living in a bland, boring dorm, there are a few additions and changes you can make to brighten up your room. One of the best ways of doing this is to invest in a bunch of fresh flowers, with the right care they can survive for up to two weeks, and it’s a great way to personalize your place a little. Check out these three affordable spring blooms which should be flowering now.


It’s hard not to feel happy when you’re looking at a vase or bowl full of tulips. These bright, ostentatious blooms come in many different tones and colors, and you should be able to find a multi-colored bouquet to add a bit of rainbow energy to your room. Keep them out of direct sunlight and top up the water and feed regularly, and these should last at least a week inside.


A bouquet which includes some mimosa flowers will bring some gorgeous golden vibes to your space. These pretty flowers are really elegant, and you can place just one or two stems in a small glass vase if you don’t have loads of room. As with the tulips, if they are kept out of direct sunlight they should last for a week or more.


Carnations are often some of the cheapest store-bought flowers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t seriously pretty! Many varieties are variegated, creating pretty color combinations and patterns that will look wonderful in your space. Carnations are also a good flower to mix and match with others, so why not try creating a bouquet of your own design?

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