3 Effective Note-Taking Methods You Should Try

Note-taking may not seem like rocket science, but there many tricks you can use to improve this crucial academic skill. If you feel like your notes need a little bit more work to be neat and organized, here are three effective note-taking methods worth trying.

Cornell Method

The Cornell method is all about dividing your page into separate sections for main notes, cue questions, and a summary at the bottom of the page. Organizing your notes this way will make learning simpler and more efficient because you’ll be able to review your notes with ease.

Outline Method

The outline method is all about listing the main points of the lecture as bullet points, with additional information listed underneath. This method can help you organize your notes with ease, creating a relationship between information that should be linked together.

Mapping Method

If you’re a visual thinker, the mind-mapping method will be your cup of tea. This note-taking technique is all about organizing complex information in a simpler way. You’ll start things off with the central idea in the middle of the page, and draw smaller branches that represent related concepts. This note-taking technique comes in handy during heavy lectures and it will make it easier to make sense of your notes afterwards.

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