2 College Majors to Pick if You Don’t Know What You Want

Are you an incoming college student who is about to embark on what is supposed to be the “best four years of your life”? Have you chosen the school that offers the highest level of course material for the extremely intricate type of cell biology that you plan to devote your career and your life to? Well, if you are not one of those people who know the exact direction of their life and their career, here are 2 college majors that are pretty easy to get through.


Education majors often get a bad rap for having an overly easy load of schoolwork. And, quite frankly, that’s because it is very true. Education majors have pretty easy course requirements that don’t take up too much time and will allow you to have many other hobbies outside of studying. Your college career will continue this way until your senior year, when you will most likely be required to be a student teacher for a local school, in which case, your days will begin at 7 am and end at 4 pm.

2 College Majors to Pick if You Dont Know What You Want

Social Work

Social work majors have a pretty easy course load as well. There aren’t too many difficult requirements if you are one who hates reading, writing, math, or science. However, people in this major will most likely be applying to graduate school in the future. This means that although the classes may be pretty easy, you will have to be prepared to spend a decent amount of time studying for the GRE.

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