3 Things to Consider Before Going Home for the Summer While Studying Abroad

By the time your school year is over, you’ll probably find yourself dealing with homesickness, but there are a few things worth considering before packing your bags and heading back home. Many amazing things also await in your study-abroad country, and sometimes it’s worth sticking around.

Duration & Cost

No matter how homesick you may feel, going back home doesn’t always come cheap. Take associated travel costs in mind before making the final decision and carefully assess the length of your summer break. Spending a fortune to fly back won’t be worth it if you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands.

Career Opportunities

You probably wouldn’t be studying abroad if you weren’t serious about your education and future career. Having an internship or a part-time job lined up for the summer will make it difficult to go back home, especially if you’re doing something in your field that could further your career development.

Cultural Immersion

The whole point of studying abroad is to immerse in a different culture, but you might not have a lot of time to do this during the school year. Sticking around during the summer break will allow you to explore your host country more and get a deeper understanding of its local traditions and way of life.

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