3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Time to Use College Laundry Room

Even if you don’t dread doing laundry, using a washer and dryer in a communal college laundry room is a different beast. It’s crucial to pick the perfect time to wash your laundry if you don’t want to wait in a long line for a washer and dryer and these useful tips will help you get it done.

Don’t Wait Up

If you tend to wait to do the laundry until all your clothes are dirty, it’s time to change your ways. Waiting until the last minute to do your laundry is the worst possible idea because it’s possible you won’t find any free washers and dryers when you need them the most.

Avoid Busy Times

Unless you want to wait an eternity to do your laundry, you should avoid the times when your college laundry room is the busiest at all costs. Laundry rooms tend to be packed at weekends and nights, so try to avoid these times whenever possible so you wouldn’t struggle to find free washers and driers.

Designated Times

It’s a good idea to have a designated time each week when you’re going to wash your laundry and stick to it whenever possible. Pick an afternoon when you have more free time on your hands than usual and stick to it, especially if your schedule tends to stay the same each week.

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