3 Useful Tips to Live By When Attending College in Your Second Language

One of the most difficult parts of studying abroad is the language barrier. Chances are you’ll struggle more than your peers because you’ll have to attend classes in your second language, but this brief guide will help you survive and thrive under these circumstances.

Ask Professors for Help

If English happens to be your first language, you won’t struggle as much with your studies. Attending classes in English could be an option, and even if that’s not the case, you can check in with some of your professors if it’s possible to do your exam and turn in your work in English.

Perfect Your Second Language

Unless you’re already speaking your second language on a native level, chances are you’ll have to perfect it once your studies start. Consider attending language classes suitable to your level and speak with the natives as much as possible to practice your communication skills.

Come Prepared

If you’re struggling to keep up with the lessons in your second language, it’s a good idea to review course material ahead of time. Putting in extra work will pay off because you’ll be able to write down all the terms that you don’t understand and learn their meaning before your class.

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