The 5 Albums That Will Help You Survive College

No doubt you will face many emotions through your college experience. Tackle them with passion and vigor with these 5 sweet treats for your ears.

Album #5: Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
Two songs “Stonegates,” “Let It Ride” and the last song on side B (“Takin’ Care of Business”). Sure to put you into a fantastic mood. There is certainly some room for improvement elsewhere on the album but start here. Turn your bad day into a good day and put a smile on that face.


Album #4: Fela Kuti, Best of the Black President
A fail proof studying album indeed! Everybody has go-to albums for studying, and this Fela Kuti collection is one of those. Fine your sweet spot and let the music fade into the background. Keep yourself occupied and let your brain waves begin. No distractions just sheer concentration.

Album #3: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, I See A Darkness
If you are sad here’s the power to get you through the day. If you’re a normal human Bonnie “Prince” Billy is here for you. I See A Darkness is 40 minutes of staring death and depression in the face: There’s a sequence of three songs in a row called “I See A Darkness,” “Another Day Full Of Dread,” and “Death To Everyone.” Shine through with an optimistic view on the world with this marvelous album.


Album #2: Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
It’s a good record to have in your back pocket and throw on whenever you need something completely unobjectionable. And, besides being easy to agree on, it’s just an absolute masterpiece of pop music.


Album #1: Bob Dylan & The Band, The Basement Tapes
This is the Swiss army knife of albums. Doing whatever it is you need to do—The Basement Tapes suits pretty much any mood and situation. Uplift your soul and throw on this album of self-discovery and love.

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