5 Things Parents Should Know Before Their Kids Go To College

When kids are going to college they are not the only ones who need to be prepared. Parents have to be ready as well. First of all, manage your emotions. If you show your kids you are falling into pieces because they are leaving for college you will make them more anxious and worried about the big change.

Research college to help your daughters and sons to make the right decision, don’t just ask other parents or follow rumors. Create a financial plan on how to afford college for your kids. Talk with them. Make sure they are ready on topics like alcohol, safety, sexual intercourse. However, don’t be too insisting and controlling. This is the time for your kids to be independent and responsible, so you have to show them trust and believe they can do it alone.

So keep your anxiety out. Do not pass the stress to them, it will create bad vibes and it will make it harder for them to adapt to the new situation. When a kid goes to college, it is as if his parents are going too. Don’t make the mistake to be more stressed than supporting. Because at the end of the day, this is your kid’s moment and not yours, so make sure you don’t steal the show.

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