5 Useful Tips for Overcoming Freshman Anxiety

Making a transition from high school to college can be a daunting experience, and if you find yourself dealing with freshman anxiety – you’re not alone. It’s not unusual for new college students to feel overwhelmed when entering this phase of their life, but there are strategies you can use to overcome freshman anxiety.

Head Start

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to come well-prepared and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Take a tour of the college campus before the school year starts and ask older students for some guidance.

Realistic Goals

Freshmen sometimes tend to break under the pressure of the high expectations they set for themselves. That’s why it’s extremely important to be realistic with your goals, take the start of the college year to adjust, and discover the classes that fit your interests.

Rich Social Life

You can also overcome freshman anxiety by keeping yourself busy. Make a connection with other students and consider joining social clubs that will help you develop a sense of community.

Friendly Reminders

If you’re dealing with homesickness, surround yourself with things that remind you of home, but don’t go overboard. You’ll have a much easier time adjusting and feeling grounded in your new environment if you’re not thinking about home all the time.

Seeking Support

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if your struggles with freshman anxiety become too severe. Feel free to talk with fellow students because many of them feel the same way, and consider reaching out to a mental health professional if nothing else helps.

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