5 Ways to Become an Early Bird as a College Student

Waking up early while you’re in high school isn’t such a challenge because you don’t really have a choice, but your destiny is in your hands once you’re in college. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should sleep in every day, and these five useful tips will help you become an early bird.

Regular Sleep Routine

Establishing a regular sleep schedule as a college isn’t easy when you’re constantly overwhelmed with classes and social activities, but waking up early is much easier when you’re going to sleep at the same time every day.

Good Bedtime Rituals

You should also put an effort into developing good bedtime habits, from limiting screen time to doing something that relaxes you to get better quality of sleep.

Alarm Trick

Setting an alarm so you could wake up on time is a no-brainer, but what if you’re snoozing it over and over again? Putting your phone away from the bed is a good idea because you’ll have to get up to turn off your alarm.

Limit Late Night Activities

It’s okay to pull late-night study sessions or party all night every once in a while but don’t let it become a force of habit because you’ll constantly feel tired and lack the motivation to get up early.

Morning Plan

There’s not much point in getting up early when you have nothing to do, so make sure to have a plan in place, whether it’s going for a morning run or having an early study session.

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