7 Rockin’ Tips for Student Time Management

To make sure you’re adequately balancing your homework time and you’re getting wasted time, read below for great time management bits of advice.

Tip #1 What do you have to do?
Making a goals list is the first step to success. Lay out all you want to accomplish either on a piece of paper or digitally.


Tip #2 Create a life schedule
Okay, now that you know what you want to do, lets figure out when to do it. Knowing your realistic life schedule can help figure out when is a good deadline.


Tip #3 Be flexible but realistic
It helps to keep in mind your goals, but also to know that your busy life can prevent some things from getting done in time. Be realistic when setting deadlines, factoring in that you’ll need party breaks every now and then!


Tip #4 Allow time for planning to avoid repetition
It isn’t a good idea to plan out the next six months of your life, because it will make you too bored of your schedule to carry through with it. Set aside an hour or two each week to make sure your planning is working for you, and if it’s not then make the changes you need.


Tip #5 Avoid procrastination and distraction
The pitfall of every good intentioned-student: procrastination. When trying to get things done, avoid situations that you know will lead to distractions, such as being near friends or television.


Tip #6 Sweat, baby, sweat!
Taking breaks to hit the gym are always a good idea. Exercise can help clear your head, they’re a change of scenery and will give you the endorphins you need to successfully crush your to-do list.


Tip #7 Let’s check in
At the end of each week or each to-do list, it’s crucial that you review your progress. This ties in with item #4; analyzing your accomplishments as well as struggles can ensure that you appropriately plan for next time.

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