Adderall Is Not Really Your Friend

You might think that Adderall is the answer to all your problems. It makes you focus when all you would want to do is procrastinate, send a Snapchat to a friend, take a nap or watch a TV show instead of studying.

With Adderall, it feels like you can actually sit on that desk and read your textbook, take notes, concentrate and eventually, get an amazing score at finals.

However, there’s something you should know. Adderall is not your friend, even worse it could become your biggest enemy.

Adderall Is Not Really Your Friend

This combination drug contained in medicines like Ritalin has lots of side-effects. Just to mention a few, Adderall can cause anxiety, sleep disturbance, loss of sexual ability, changes in brain structure or heart problems. Most importantly, it causes a sort of addiction.

Once you connect your school success to a little pill and you feel invincible and capable of focusing even in your worst days, taking Adderall becomes a daily habit. The truth is that it’s all in our heads and if there’s something that the pill actually does is to make us slower.

Adderall, in fact, generates anxiety that inhibits students from doing their best work. The euphoria caused by the pill distracts students from their main work. Not to mention that success becomes subordinated to the addiction to Adderall.

If you can’t focus, just drink a coffee, take a 5 minutes break and force yourself to finish that chapter!

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