Be Proud Of What You Accomplished In 2017

January is right around the corner, and now is a great time to do some reflection on the past year.

Usually, when the new year comes around, people are extremely motivated to achieve their goals and dreams that they have set for themselves for the following year. However, this time is also one of reflection and sometimes even regret. People can get really down on themselves if they haven’t accomplished everything that they wanted to for the past year. And whether this disappointment occurs due to failure to reach a career, relationship, or personal goal, it is important to start the new year off with a positive mindset and not dwell on the past.

Consider making a list of everything that you are proud of that occurred during the past year. Maybe you had told yourself that in 2017 you would earn enough money to buy a new car, that you would reach your fitness goals, or that you would finally get the nerve to ask out your friend who you have secretly liked for years. Now, let’s say you didn’t exactly do any of those specific things, but maybe you joined a gym, got promoted, or even got the nerve to try a new haircut. Those other accomplishments should not go unnoticed and you should be proud of them. Write them down and a reminder of what you have achieved and be sure to be kind to yourself as the new year rolls around.

It is important to ask what have you learned, what challenges were you able to overcome, how have you grown, and how will you do better in 2018?

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