Bernie Sanders and Larry David Are Apparently Related And We Couldnt Be Happier

If you’ve ever watched Bernie Sanders give a speech on television, you have probably thought to yourself, “Hmm, this guy looks like someone but I just can’t put a name on it.” Well, It’s Larry David. Yes, take a look for yourself, the two undeniably look alike and we’re weirdly happy about this.

Larry David, the star of his own show Curb Your Enthusiasm and the creator of Seinfeld, had been playing Sanders in Saturday Night Live skits up until he dropped out of the Presidential race. We all wished to see more of the doppelgangers, but now, everything is starting to make sense. 

Bernie Sanders and Larry David just found out they are related. In a PBS episode of the show Finding Your Roots, a show where celebrities find out their ancestry and DNA, Larry finds out that him and the Vermont politician are in fact related. This news was supposed to be kept on the down low, but it just could not be contained. During an interview, Larry let it slip that Sanders was “like a third cousin or something.”

Obviously, the comedian was thrilled with this news and we are sure there will be an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm having something to do with it in the future. Everything is right in the world and once again, we are at peace now that we know Larry David and Bernie Sanders are related.

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