The Best Cities for College Graduates

After those famed four years are over, where should set your roots? Below are tips on how to pick a new city, as well as a couple of suggestions.

Things to Consider:


Consider what your ideal city is in terms of size, which drastically influences the feeling of your new home. The bigger the city the more options for exploration, but also can make some feel a little out of sorts.


Starting salary

Your first post-college job can determine where you go. If you’re making bank you can afford a pricier place, but most starting salaries will allow only a modest city.

Cost of living

Decide how much you want to spend on things. If NYC nightlife is more for you, know that your allowances for apartment size and travel may be limited.

Social life

If you’re moving to a new place, you’ll definitely want to pick a city with a good social life in order to meet new friends.

Best Cities for New Grads

The following list outlines some of the best cities for young adults after college, compiled from Forbes, The Daily Beast, Business Week, Kiplinger and The Atlantic.

The Best Cities for College Graduates

San Francisco 

One of the coolest cities on the block, San Francisco offers West Coast living with a slightly East Coast vibe. But high average salaries match the high cost of living, so only move here if you’re making a lot.


The Best Cities for College Graduates


Like San Francisco, the salaries are high but the cost of living isn’t. Houston is a good choice if you like a southern charm and tasty BBQ.


The Best Cities for College Graduates


Rent in this Midwestern city averages at only $625 per person, which is much lower than that of other major cities. Indy also has a fun, young nightlife that has been attracting youngsters for years.



The Best Cities for College Graduates


One of the coolest college towns in the nation, Austin also boasts a vibrant 20s and 30s crowd. Check out this city if you’re into good food, Whole Foods, rock climbing, and keeping things “weird.”


The Best Cities for College Graduates

New York City 

Arguably the best city in the world, New York City has everything you could ever need: nightlife, food, nature, rats on the subway, you name it, they’ve got it. Yet a high cost of living means that the Big Apple isn’t for everyone.

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