Best Ways to Overcome the Fear of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has the power to open up your horizons and completely change your life, but you’ll have to be brave enough to take that first step. Leaving your old life behind to study in a new country can be an anxiety-inducing experience, and we’re here to help you overcome your fear.

Do Your Research

Researching your destination can help lower your anxiety. Mentally prepare yourself before traveling abroad by learning more about your host country and your new school, but keep in mind you’ll often have to step out of your comfort zone.

Prepare for Culture Shock

Studying abroad often means immersing yourself in a new culture, and that won’t always be easy. The more you know about your host country in advance, the easier it will be to overcome culture shock, but it’s also important to stay open-minded once you reach your destination.

Build New Connections

Studying abroad can be terrifying, but it’s also one of the best things you’ll ever experience because you’ll get to make new friends and build connections that could last a lifetime.

Seek Support

Homesickness will be easier to overcome if you have a strong support system. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for support, and consider seeking guidance from your academic advisor or even a therapist if you feel like you have nowhere else to turn.

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