Best Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Class

Speaking in front of your class can be tough, especially if you’re struggling with social anxiety, but there are times when your grade will depend on it. Whether you’re getting points for participation or giving a presentation, speaking up is sometimes required and these tips and tricks will help you overcome the fear of doing it.

Come Well-Prepared

Preparing your presentation thoroughly is the best way to overcome your anxiety. Some people prefer memorizing their speech, others simply follow note cards, so find a strategy that works for you and rehearse the main points until giving a presentation no longer feels like such a big deal.

Embrace Your Anxiety

Even experienced public speakers get anxious sometimes, and knowing this could make you feel a little bit less nervous. Embracing your anxiety is the first step toward overcoming it, so look for things that will calm your nerves. Also, keep in mind that other people aren’t paying as much attention to your presentation as you think because they’re too focused on their own.

Pay Attention

You can prepare for your presentation, but how about participating in class when you don’t know what’s coming your way? Pay attention to what’s being said and ask meaningful questions with real interest if debating isn’t your thing. It’s a good way to get noticed and take part without getting into heated discussions.

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