How to Stop College Parties From Impacting Your Grades

Epic parties are a crucial part of the college experience, but they shouldn’t make you forget why you’re there in the first place. College parties can negatively impact your studies, and we’re here to help you have the best of both worlds in three short steps.

Overcoming FOMO

Are you going to parties because you really want to be there or because you want to avoid FOMO aka the “fear of missing out”? You’ll have to learn how to overcome this feeling sooner or later because your schedule will always be packed during your college years and there are some things that you’ll have to miss.

Perfect Timing

Parties come and go, but bad grades will stick around and you might find yourself failing some classes because you’re partying every night. There’s nothing wrong with going to parties from time to time, but you should skip the ones taking place before important events.

Drinking Habits

Drinking is an essential part of college parties and it can have an even worse impact on your studies than partying all night. Dealing with hangovers after every party will derail your studies, so always drink in moderation to avoid developing unhealthy drinking habits during your college years.

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