Easy Lunch Ideas For College Students

If you’re racing between lecture halls in an attempt to keep up with your busy schedule, then you might be struggling to find the time to prepare lunch. Fortunately, with some alternative thinking, you won’t have to. Here are some easy lunch ideas for college students that require little time and effort.

Mac And Cheese

Using a box of macaroni, roux (thickening agent), and your favorite cheddar cheese, you can make a scrumptious macaroni and cheese in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, this simple recipe requires just salt, pepper, butter, flour and milk—all basic kitchen ingredients.

Sloppy Joes

No cooking is required for this easy recipe. Instead of cooking raw ground beef from scratch, you can simply buy a pre-cooked, microwavable pack of ground beef. Simply open a roll, slap on the meat, and add any garnishing of your choice.

Baked Chicken Wings

If you love chicken, then you’re in luck. After flavoring them with the right spices, simply pop some chicken wings into the oven and let them bake on their own. This recipe requires just 15 minutes of active prep time. After you’ve prepared them, simply sit back and relax as you allow the oven to do the rest.

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