Eighth Graders Create Prosthetic For Duck

Science has always been really cool. There seems to be a science to everything. Human life, building structure, chemical reactions, and the blossoming of trees and flowers can all be analyzed by science. More recently, science has evolved in the way of technology and has thus created a multitude of new platforms and systems that scientists and average people across the world have the ability to access and use on a normal basis.

One of the more complex and interesting facets of science is engineering. Prosthetics engineers spend hours upon hours developing the most accurate and durable materials and functionality of prosthetics. Recently, 3-D printers have made their way into use and have even been surprisingly able to produce prosthetics too.

Remarkably, one of these 3-D printed prosthetics was created by eigth-grade students. These students had a class pet runner duck named Peg. Prior to being the class pet, Peg was found with a ruined leg and a foot that was chewed off by a turtle.

The students wanted to find a way to help Peg and it took over 30 tries for students Darshan Patel, Matthew Cook, and Abby Simmons to build an appropriate prosthetic leg under the supervision of lab director Alicia Bell. With the help of this new prosthetic, Peg walks like a normal duck

. Not only is Peg’s recovery a happy part of this story, but it also shows the compassion and intelligence of the younger generations who will most likely be the future of the scientific world very soon.

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