Going On A Meal Plan on College or Not?

Let’s face it: Having to cook and prepare your own food after a life of mum’s food ready in the fridge is pretty hard.

The first year as a freshman especially, having to think of your meals everyday especially on exam times gets very challenging. You end up ordering a pizza or just eating a boiled egg (if you are even able to make one).

So for this reason, many colleges offer the option to have a meal plan. A very expensive plan that gives you the right to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the food hall of the university.

Going On A Meal Plan on College or Not?

Is it a good idea or not? We think you can easily survive without. First of all, you must know that your freshmen year will be full of free food events. So just take advantage of them and eat all the food you want! Cook once a week and set aside meals for the week.

You can easily store meals so that you’ll have food when you have no time to cook. Take it as an advantage to sit with friends and share a meal. You can all get groceries and cook together sometimes, a fun way to save money and hang out with friends!

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