Homeless Teen Receives Full Ride to Harvard after Helping Family Buy a Home

A young homeless Palmdale teenager has finally gotten some help he deserved. Jorge Campos has defied the odds by receiving his full ride acceptance to Harvard University at a banquet Thursday night. For 40 years, the university has the federal-funded goal of making college accessibility easier and more reasonably priced for low-income students especially when they are the first in their family to attend college.

In the fall, Jorge will be studying economics 3,000 miles away from his parents. He explains his parents’ reaction stating, “It was kind of hard for (my parents) to argue against Harvard once I told them that I really wanted to go.” However, his parents really owed him for the things he’s done for his family.  Before high school, his dad lost his job, which resulted in his family of six to become homeless for about three months. Jorge later enrolled in college level course at a local community college, which taught him a lot about money managing.

Jorge explains how he has become completely responsible for his family’s expenses. “I took over my parents’ finances, under budgeting, and now two years later, we purchased our home,” Jorge admits. His parents and associates of the Ivy League schools are truly proud of his achievements.

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