How College Really Changes Your Life

The transition time between being a new high school graduate and an excited freshman entering college is a fun one.  Often times, this is when a kid gets his or her first taste of freedom.  Whether growing up with strict or laid back parents, kids have always lived with some sort of rule set.  Once entering college, however, that rule set no longer applies- especially when you don’t live at home anymore.  College definitely changes a person and allows them to make their own decisions.  These different changes happen naturally. However, sometimes there is definitely an adjustment period.

For many, college can be hard.  You find yourself on your own. This can seem exciting at first, until you realize that you don’t have your mom’s home cooked meals to come home to every night, your bed doesn’t make itself, and you realize that you have absolutely no idea how to operate a laundry machine. This scenario offers one of the many ways in which college changes your life.  For once, you have independence and responsibilities for things that you may not have had before.

Another way in with college changes your life is that it vastly increases your social network.  You will be introduced to thousands of new faces, depending on the size of your school, and you will have the opportunity to meet a ton of new and interesting people.  College is one of the places where lifelong friendships are made and there is definitely not a shortage of social networking and fun with these new people that you meet.

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