How to Deal With Frustrating Housemates

Living alongside housemates is a reality for most students and graduates. Housing costs are high, so communal living helps to bring down the bills, it can be fun to live with other young people. But what if one (or more) of your housemates is really grating on your nerves? Here’s a quick guide on how to deal with living situation frustrations. 

Book a Meeting

Although a housemates meeting can feel overly formal, it’s a good chance for everyone to share how they’re feeling and to iron out any issues. Don’t use it as a chance to attack the housemate who’s annoying you, demonstrate that you can listen to them and take on feedback about how your own behavior may be impacting others. By airing issues in a shared space, everyone will feel like they’ve had a chance to talk and it should reduce tensions in the house.

Arrange a Cleaning Rotation

At your housemate meeting, agree on the essential domestic chores, when they’ll be done, and by whom. One of the greatest causes of communal living stress is feeling that others aren’t pulling their weight, so make sure everyone knows when they should be vacuuming or doing the dishes. If someone continues to slack, it’s okay to address this with them on one and remind them of the agreements you all came to. 

Take Some Time Away

Perhaps your housemate annoys you even when they’re doing nothing wrong. If it’s a case of clashing personalities and you just don’t like this person, make sure you take time away from your house. Stay at a friend’s, book a weekend away, and go out on a Tuesday evening. Taking small breaks will let you reset and reduce the impact that your housemate has on your mood.

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