How to Find Time Reading for Pleasure, Not Just for School

You’ll most likely be reading more than ever during your college years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be reading books that spark joy. It’s tough to find time to read for pleasure on top of your school work, but these useful tips will make it possible.

Good Choice

You know that feeling when a book is so good that you don’t want to drop it until you’re done? This usually happens when you pick a book that you really vibe with, so do your best to find those books, instead of focusing on the ones that you “should read”.

E-Books & Audiobooks

E-books and audiobooks may not have the feel and smell of paper, but they have their perks. E-books allow you to replace senseless scrolling with reading, while audiobooks make it easier to multitask.

Perfect Timing

Reading before bed may seem like a great habit to develop, but it doesn’t always work. If you tend to fall asleep whenever you give it a try because you feel too tired, try to make time for reading during the day.

Join a Book Club

The good thing about book clubs is that you won’t constantly postpone reading because you’ll have a clear goal in mind. You won’t want to let your book club buddies down, so you’ll put a little bit more effort into finishing a book on time.

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