How to get an Athletic Scholarship

Getting an Athletic scholarship in college is a dream come true. You won’t have to worry about money, loans and burdening your parents. It is a lot of responsibilities though because you’ll have to perform well in your sport and study and exercise all time. However, it is worth it. So how can you get one? Here are some things you must do.

First of all, compile a list of schools that you want to attend keeping in mind the academic level and athletic talent. Gather all the info about the coaches in those schools. You need their phone numbers, their email address. Once you have everything, write a CV on all your past seasons, add a transcript of records and test scores.

If you have some good quality video to add, do it. After sending everything, talk to them. Your goal is to make them express their interest for you to apply at that school. Make sure you keep your head in the game, your goal is to get your attention and get them to help you.

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