Is Greek Life Right For You?

Greek life is something that is often portrayed as a quintessential part of the college experience. But in reality, every college experience is different. Some people love the idea of being part of a fraternity or sorority, while others know it’s just not a good fit for them. If you’re still unsure, this quiz will help you figure out if Greek life is right for you.

What Year are You in College?

  1. Still in my senior year of high school
  2. Freshman/Sophomore
  3. Sophomore/Junior
  4. Senior/5th Year

What makes you interested in joining Greek Life?

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Making New Friends
  3. Being Popular
  4. Partying

What do you think are qualities of a member of Greek Life?

  1. Kind and Fun
  2. Respectable and Smart
  3. Attractive and Rich
  4. Wild and Narcissistic

How do you feel about “putting yourself out there”?

  1. Why not? I’m confident in myself
  2. If I have the proper support around me, it’s no big deal
  3. I feel like people are judging me
  4. I have my friends already, and I’m happy with that

Are you financially able to?

  1. Luckily, yes
  2. I think so, I might need to take on an extra shift but it’s worth it
  3. Rent, school, and my other activities are more important to me
  4. Seems like a bit of a waste

Have you been through recruitment before?

  1. No, not yet and I’m so excited
  2. No, but I’m a little nervous
  3. Yes, but I dropped out in the middle
  4. Yes, and I didn’t feel a connection

Are you involved with other things on campus?

  1. Not yet, but Greek Life is my priority
  2. Not yet, and I’m looking for someone to help me
  3. Yes, but I’m not really invested in it
  4. Yes, and I spend most of my free time on it

How important is academics to you?

  1. My first priority
  2. Important, but so is my social life
  3. I try my best, but I don’t let it stress me out
  4. It’s my business, and I don’t like to share that information with others

Mostly A’s

You’re excited for Greek Life and Greek Life should be excited to have you. Make sure you find the sorority and fraternity that fits your values and goals, and there is no telling how far you will go.

Mostly B’s

You are definitely interested in Greek life, and it could be a great fit. Try talking to some friends and family who have been through the process, and they should give you enough knowledge to ease any anxieties that you might have.

Mostly C’s

While Greek life might sound cool to you, it doesn’t seem to be your priority. Greek life is a large commitment, and you might be better off checking out other campus organizations that either mean more to you or require less commitment.

Mostly D’s

Greek life is not the right fit for everyone, and maybe it’s not the right fit for you. You might have misconceptions and and stereotypes that are making you uninterested in Greek life, and if that is the case maybe do some research. If you just don’t think your priorities align with those of Greek Life, make sure to get involved with other things on campus!

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