Rapper Lil B Asks Fans for Help Choosing a College That will Teach Him Science

Lil B may never have been a household name, but he has managed to carve out a unique spot in the rap game thanks to his tireless energy. The rapper became famous for releasing thousands of songs for free online. In addition to releasing music he’s also hosted TV shows, written books, and released smartphone apps. So it shouldn’t really be surprised that Lil B might be interested in going back to school.

The rapper took to Twitter to ask his followers to help him find a college where he might be able to study science, specifically biology and “nuero science.” The first thing B might need to learn is how to spell the word “neuro,” but he certainly seems to have enthusiasm.

In his tweets, Lil B preemptively noted one of the challenges he’d be facing. Namely, the fact that he didn’t finish high school. If Lil B seriously wants to get a college degree, he’ll need to start by getting his G.E.D., but education isn’t all about the piece of paper you get when all is said and done.

Despite this challenge, there are still plenty of schools that responded positively to Lil B’s desire to learn. Penn State, Miami University, and Wright State are among the many schools that contacted B and offered to show him what they have to offer. P

lenty of schools are ready to give Lil B a tour, but it’s hard to say what it would take for Lil B to actually enroll in science classes at these schools. Some of the schools posting on Twitter were clearly using the occasion to advertise their school. Of course, a tireless self-promoter like Lil B couldn’t knock that sort of hustle.

As of writing months have passed, and Lil B still hasn’t announced his next educational move. Of course, Lil B doesn’t announce everything on social media. It could be that he’s been keeping his nose to the grindstone and working towards his GED all this time. Whatever Lil B ends up doing he still deserves props for promoting science education to his fans.

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