Snapchat Welcomes College Papers on the Platform

As you might have noticed, Snapchat is full of big media companies that are playing with the App’s Publisher Stories. You can follow the news on Snapchat and see what’s going on the other side of the world. Starting from now, you’ll start seeing some college campus newspaper added to the mix. Apparently, 4 college papers have been added to Snapchat.

The papers are the following: U.C. Berkeley’s The Daily Californian, Texas A&M’s The Battalion, Syracuse’s The Daily Orange, and U.W. Madison’s The Badger Herald. They will upload weekly news on Snapchat, producing content that will end up on the publishers feed. This is an amazing idea both for Snapchat and for the college students as well. Snapchat is opening up to campuses and young people reaching another field so far untouched.

While paper campuses have an incredible chance to appear on Snapchat right next to the big media companies they aspire to reach one day. This is a great opportunity for college students to have an incredible platform to share the news and make their voice be heard everywhere in the world. The team of Snapchat hopes that this idea will keep young people engaged both on the app and both on what is going on around the world every day. This is for sure an indication that the media business is changing everyday more and that the news are getting far from printed papers. Good luck to these students!

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