The Importance of Developing Relationships With Professor

Some advice that is commonly passed down from older college students to the younger ones is the idea of developing a good and close relationship with at least a few of your professors. Many times, at school orientation panels, older students and faculty members stress the importance of this and the advice is honestly truly worth it.

One of the reasons it is so important to make good and strong connections with your professors is that they can be an amazing source of support and learning. If you develop a relationship good enough with a certain professor, you can possibly ask them to mentor you.

And better yet, if you are in a major where research hours are required, maybe you could even ask to do your research hours for them. And if you are close with them, you will have a pretty decent chance of them agreeing to it.

The Importance of Developing Relationships With Professor

Another reason why it is important to become close to certain professors is that eventually when it comes time to apply to a job or to grad school, most qualified positions will request at least two teacher recommendations.

These recommendations have the ability to make or break your acceptance into a program. Therefore, if your recommendations seem generic and as if you really have no tie to the professor who wrote it, chances are you will be lower on the list of acceptance as compared to someone whose teacher recommendation is detailed, warm, and genuine.

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