The One Item Every Young Professional Woman Needs

For those who are about to graduate college, have recently graduated, or still have a few years of schooling left, there seems to be a checklist of things that you need to own in order to be a polished professional who is capable of landing that coveted entry-level job at their dream company.

Resumes need to be flawlessly indicative of all of your experiences and strengths, without room for grammatical errors or misuse of punctuation marks.

These resumes also must be presented and kept in one of those leather-bound binders. Otherwise, you don’t appear to be prepared or professional- at least according to the status quo. Along with resumes and binders, students and recent grads are also expected to own at least one or two blazers or other business formal attire in order to even fit in at a career fair or appear put together during an interview.

The One Item Every Young Professional Woman Needs

One item that is sort of lost in translation, however, is a large handbag or nice tote bag. With all of the resumes that you have to carry, the business cards you so meticulously designed, and even the breath mints that you bring with you just in case you notice that your breath smells a little funky, you will need somewhere to keep all of these items organized and ready for use.

Investing in a nice, large handbag or tote will continue to add to your professional appeal while also being extremely convenient by allowing you to carry all of your essential items in one place. You can buy a simple, professional bag, or even use this as an opportunity to add a little bit of flavor to your otherwise monotonous business outfit.

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