The Way This Kid Passes his Sobriety Test is Amazing

We’ve all been there- people have thought we were drunk when we literally did not have a sip to drink that night. It may have been because we acted weird, ate more than usual, or were slurring our words. In the case of Blayk Puckett, he was driving too slowly.

One Friday night Puckett was driving home from the library and was stopped by the police for driving slower than the speed limit. The police suspected that Puckett may have been driving under the influence but in reality, he was dead sober.

In order to prove his sobriety to the police, Puckett decided to whip out some pins and juggle them. Puckett’s license plate reads “JUGGLER” and when the police asked him what was in his pocket he responded that it was, in fact, magic equipment.

It turns out that the reason for Puckett’s slow driving was because one of the brake lights were out. It also turns out that he is a legitimate magician and juggler. Although Puckett was already cleared as sober by the police, he took out his juggling pins and put on an impressive performance to prove that he was not under the influence.

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