These Kid’s Test Stealing Strategy Went Really Wrong

This year, some University of Kentucky students pulled one of the most ridiculous test-stealing stunts we’ve ever seen. These students decided that rather than studying, they were going to steal the answers to their upcoming statistics test by dropping through the ceiling ducts into the teacher’s office. As creative and seemingly genius as this is, when the students tried to drop in at 1:30 am they realized that their teacher was still up working at his desk at that hour.

John Cain, the University of Kentucky statistics instructor, was working late that night, decided to get a bite to eat, and when he got back, he tried to  unlock the door but it was being blocked by something. University of Kentucky spokesman, Jay Blanton told that “[Cain] yelled out that he was calling the police and then the door swung open and two young men ran down the hallway.”

When the police arrived, Heny Lynch II, one of the students involved, confessed that he climbed through the air ducts to get into Cain’s office. He also confessed that he then unlocked the door and let in his friend, Troy Kiphuth, into the office as well. They were both charged with third degree burglary and the school is still unsure of how to punish them moving forward.

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