Things High Schoolers Should Know Before Starting College

There are some useful things we wish we knew before starting college. So we have decided to help you out and give you a couple of good tips that will save you a lot of time. First, read material before class. College is not high school, most of the work has to be done at home. You need to read the material before class to be prepared on what is going to be discussed.

This way you’ll get more out of the class than those who walked in unaware of and unprepared for the class. Another tip: There’s a difference between memorizing and learning. Don’t waste your time memorizing. College classes require analytical, evaluative and creative thinking skills. Last but not least, be confident. Starting college is hard and you might doubt your skills, don’t.

When you feel discouraged because some professor are doubting your skills, just get to work and prove him wrong! This way, you will be ahead of anyone else. First year classes are hard not for the content itself, but because they are your first approach with College’s method. If you follow these tips you will be just fine. Keep believing in yourself.

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