This Child Star Became A Marine Biologist

Former child star Mason Gamble is most well known for his portrayal of the title character in the comedy film, Dennis the Menance (1993). The son of an actor, he spent most of his childhood in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. As it happened, when he was just six years old, he was cast in the award-winning movie, Groundhog Day (1993).

From that point onward, his career only gained more momentum; just a few months after making his big screen debut, he was selected among 20,000 children for the lead role in Nick Castle’s comedy flick, Dennis the Menance (1993). A huge box office success, it put Gamble’s career on the right tracks for the subsequent years. For his portrayal of the mischievous five-year-old boy in the film, he received a Young Artist Award for “Best Youth Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy” in 1994.

Like many former child actors before him, Gamble- now thirty plus years old, has left the show business. According to some sources, he went to the University of California, Los Angeles where he later graduated from their dentistry program. From there, he eventually switched career paths and became a marine biologist- something which he had always had a passion for, according to Gamble himself.

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