Try Ten Minutes Of Meditation A Day To See The Difference It Makes To Your Focus

You may feel that you don’t have enough time to squeeze anything extra into your day, but what if that thing helped you to concentrate, focus and stay positive? Just ten minutes of meditation a day can make a real difference to your mood and ability to concentrate on your studies, so why not trial it for a week? Whilst it may mean setting your alarm that bit earlier, or pausing your evening study session to fit those ten minutes in, it can make all the difference to your stress levels and focus. Here, check out three approaches to meditation which could help you.

Morning Meditation

Some people find meditating in the morning to be the most effective, because their brain hasn’t quite kicked into gear and their mind is more likely to settle and be still. Find a playlist you like, or check out a guided meditation on an app like Insight Timer, and give yourself ten minutes to focus on your breathing and your mind-body connection.

Midday Meditation

If you like to get up and go in the mornings, practicing your meditation at a later hour may suit you better. Why not use ten minutes of your lunch break to sit back, relax and breathe? Find a quiet space on campus, the library is ideal for this. You can listen to a playlist or guided meditation or simply focus on your breathing in the space you’re in. If you’re not currently allowing yourself lunch breaks, prioritize them—no one can focus without stopping for eight hours a day!

Evening Meditation

Come the evening, it’s very tempting to watch our favorite shows or get caught up in social media. Set aside ten minutes from your me-time to focus on meditation, as this can have a really beneficial effect on your overall concentration and contentment.

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