Twitter Experiments With 280 Characters

Twitter has 140 characters. That is like saying that the Earth is not flat (just don’t tell B.o.B!). However, sometimes even the most certain things in life change. So Twitter made an experiment, you read well. It had a plan to roll out 280 character limits on Twitter!

So they didn’t start with everyone, but just with influencers, companies, sports teams and people who according to the Twitter staff really deserve more characters. Jack Dorsey’s — Twitter’s founder — Tweeted out the announcement with a lengthy Tweet. And the long tweet created a huge chaos on the Internet. So Twitter co-founder Biz Stone expanded on Jack Dorsey’s initial explanation, talking about history and explaining on the 140 character limit and how the language limitations of other countries in part helped inspire this new experiment.

And now Japanese Twitter users are reporting that they’ve always had more than 140 characters, and it has not hurt Japanese Twitter at all. So what’s going to happen next? There are no certainties in this world.

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