Up Your Networking Game

As a college student, thinking about the real world can be intimidating and in fact, it should because it is. There is no spoon-feeding allowed anywhere beyond the college campuses and schools. Building your own connections with big companies in order to ensure a secure future and an expected lifestyle is very crucial to growing as an adult in the real world.

It is beneficiary to connect with larger companies as they have more recruitment opportunities, more security of the job, and better payrolls yet it should be no surprise that they also expect excellent work ethic and extraordinary contributions in the societies from your side.

Up Your Networking Game

So, here are some ways you can give your 100% and show proactivity to recruiters and build connections before leaving college;

Working during school is the perfect way to gain experience, figure out what you love/don’t love, and make money. But regardless of what you choose to do, you’ll likely meet people who will go on to do bigger and better things, and you never know how they’ll be able to help you. Use your time at work to get to know people and ask questions. Stay in touch after you leave a job or internship, even if it’s just a quick email update every couple of months.

Up Your Networking Game

Students are often intimidated to message someone with whom they have no connection, but in my experience, most people in the world really want to help others, and it’s even more special when a person gets to help a college student. So be sure to cold email people you admire, or even people at your own school who you just haven’t been able to meet.

And lastly, don’t miss out on the opportunities that your college provides you with. There’s never going to be another time quite like college where you’re surrounded by thousands of amazingly smart and interesting people, so get to know the people you think will change the world someday.

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