“We Do Not Have A Good Model” Says Duke Mike Krzyzewski at the State of College Basketball

Coach’s Duke Mike Krzyzewski spoke on Tuesday about a series of topics, ranging from the health of the sport to recruitment scandals that flooded college basketball. He was sincere in his interaction and there was no lack of in the sport despite the constantly changing landscape. Krzyzewski, the Hall of Fame coach with five NCAA titles in his name, is the longest winner in the history of the men’s division. He has flourished both in the past and present system, which makes its criticism of the system even stronger.

Krzyzewski said, “The university basketball field for the player, from school to the college, continues to change. Landscape is very much as compared to the college changes. Right now, we aren’t equipped to handle these changes and we don’t have any good model that fits in what is happening in basketball and that’s why college basketball would face many problems”.

Krzyzewski also referred to the results of the FBI the past week, which resulted in the arrest of four assistants of Division I. And while many were quickly laying the walls of skepticism and doubt about the sport’s genuineness after the investigation, the UNC- Coach Roy Williams quickly pointed out that everything is not corrupt.

“Just because the last week was bad does not mean that all college basketball is bad. I necessarily do not agree, I think that everything would be fine” said Krzyzewski.

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