What to Pack For Spring Break

For many schools, Spring Break is rapidly approaching. Finally, after many stressful weeks of midterms, studying, and listening to your roommates vent about the insignificant troubles of their overly dramatic lives, the break that you deserve has finally arrived.

Popular Spring Break destinations for both high school and college students include tropical resorts, cruises, or visiting a new city. Here are some essentials that you will need to pack in order to make the most out of your Spring Break.

If you are travelling to a resort or embarking on a cruise, there are some essential items that you do not want to forget to pack. The first and foremost essential items are your passport and license. If you are going on a cruise or to a resort outside of the United States, it is imperative that you bring your passport.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to catch your flight to your dreamy island escape at a resort in Mexico or get on your cruise ship with destinations in the Bahamas or virtually anywhere. Next, you also definitely want to remember to pack sunscreen and maybe even some aloe vera if you burn easily. Sunglasses, bathing suits, a refillable water bottle, a coverup, and a hat are some other items that will be beneficial for you to pack beforehand.

If you opted to go to a cool, new city for Spring Break that isn’t necessarily tropical, make sure you bring your license, credit card, suitable outfits for the conditions of the city you are visiting, and your camera.

Some items that are also important to remember are your laptops, phones, chargers, toiletries, and any medications that you use regularly.

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