What to Wear to Spring Frat Parties

Spring is here and that means that so are spring parties. If you attend a college or university with a decent Greek Life scene, than you know what the term spring parties entails. Basically, you can expect all of the different fraternities on campus to host an event that usually lasts throughout the day and well into the night various weekends during spring.

These parties are typically themed and can range from tropical, southern, rave, or other popular styles. Along with the fun themes, the fraternities typically invest a good amount of their yearly budget to hosting a variety of famous singers or rappers. These performers are not usually A-list celebrities but are typically people with a pretty decent following.

So, with all of these parties going on, it can be difficult deciding what exactly to wear. Here are some tips on what to wear to fraternity parties this spring.

For parties with themes, it is totally acceptable to incorporate something from the theme into your outfit. Typically people don’t go all out, but wearing something cute that goes with the theme is the perfect way to dress.

For example, if the theme is “Country”, then wearing a crop top, jean shorts, and tying a flannel around your waste is a safe way to go. For many themed parties, you will also see girls dressed up in cute rompers, shorts, flowy tops, and other trendy styles. Basically, you never really have to dress for the theme, and many girls use spring parties as a time to pull out some of their cutest outfits.

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