Which Schools have Banned Greek Life?

Greek life is something widely seen across most college campuses in the United States. Fraternities and sororities are huge organizations that come together under the notion of being philanthropic and community-based organizations, dedicated to the fostering of friendships, community service, and educational success. However, what a sorority or fraternity states on their website may not actually be the best indication of the activities that the organizations pursue.

For someone looking to go into Greek life at their university, it is important to get an understanding of the actual sisterhood and brotherhood of the other members.

Which Schools have Banned Greek Life?

For guys, their rushing process is typically filled with older members of a fraternity trying to convince them to join by throwing elaborate parties, introducing them to girls, and showing these incoming new members a great time. However, when the new members actually decide to join, the rushing process turns into pledging. The acts of what goes on during pledging are typically sworn to secrecy by the new members. This is because, for many fraternities, pledging involves tiresome activities, underage drinking, and other activities that would not be looked highly upon by school administration.

And while most pledging isn’t terrible, some fraternities have taken it too far, resulting in some pretty disturbing accidents that have even led to Greek life at their schools to be shut down. Florida State University, Louisiana State University, and Texas State University are three of the schools where Greek life has been shut down due to fraternity pledging accidents.

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