Why Pressed Juices Are So Expensive, But They Keep Popping Up On College Campuses

There has always been a stigma behind the cost of eating healthy. People tend to make excuses when it comes to eating healthy by claiming that the health foods available, even just plain fruits and veggies are way too expensive.

Many healthy eating advocates claim that these people are just unwilling to eat healthily and that if they tailored their buying habits around spending a tiny bit more money on healthy food for their families, they would benefit from it.

And while it is true that some people just use the premise that healthy food is too expensive in order to make an excuse and opt for the less healthy options instead, there are some health food products that are, in fact, very very very expensive.

One of the healthiest food products that you could ever consume would be raw pressed fruit juices. These all natural juices are rich in many different vitamins and minerals. However, they are extremely pricey. This may be because the concoctions are not easily made, are very abundant with loads of nutrients, and that many people are willing to pay this premium price for these products.

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