Why You Should Be BFF’s With Your Freshman Year Roomie

When you move into your first ever college dorm as an anxious freshman, you will most likely be assigned to live with at least one other roommate. Having more than one roommate is a possibility in some places but for the most part, you will have one roommate upon entering college.

Sometimes, your roommate is completely and randomly assigned. Many schools offer online quizzes and profile platforms that try to facilitate good roommate matches that will lead to people with similar interests and ways of living, to live together as roommates. Living with someone new can be pretty overwhelming at times.

But, if you’re lucky, you and your roommate will be able to form a very special bond that in many cases can be the strongest relationship that you develop during your time in college. Your roommate will undoubtedly see you in your lowest lows. Whether you are passed out on your collective futon after a night out or you are crying in your bed because you just had a tough breakup, your roommate will be there to see it and help you through it all.

Why You Should Be BFFs With Your Freshman Year Roomie

Likewise, if the situations are reversed and you are confronted with a crying roommate or if they have had a bit too much fun on the town the previous night, you will be there for them as well. Along with these lows, roommates who truly develop friendships will also experience some, if not most, of the highlights of their college careers together.

From attending parties to attending graduation, having a strong friendship with your roommate is extremely rewarding.

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