Why You Should Get a Succulent for Your Dorm Room

You’ve seen them lining the windows of your favorite hipster coffee shop, the page of the home section of Urban Outfitters online, boutiques, grocery stores, you name it-succulents are the new trend that is everywhere you go and for good reason. First, a little background. You may be asking, what is a succulent? According to dictionary.com, succulents are any of various plants having fleshy leaves or stems that store water-exciting right?

If you aren’t convinced yet, what you need to take away from this definition is that succulents are what we would call, ahem, low maintenance plants. These cousins of the cactus pretty much take care of themselves and need only be watered occasionally, as over watering them can cause them to die. As a test, stick a toothpick into the soil; if soil clings to it, the plant most likely doesn’t need water. Make sure you have them in a place with plenty of light, such as a windowsill.

Succulents are amazing options for those looking to add a little greenery indoors or out, with minimal risk. But why limit yourself to green? Succulents exist in a wide variety of colors, textures and leave patterns from yellow greens to deep purples and pinks.

Why You Should Get a Succulent for Your Dorm Room

If you want to get creative, you can arrange different types of succulents together in a pot to form your own magical mosaic. They look great in a variety of arrangements, whether they are hanging, placed in tea cups and pots, bird cages, or just some clay pots.

The possibilities are almost endless and the internet has all the inspiration and tips you need to create your own look. DIY Idea: Use succulents with small name cards for table arrangements at a party or a wedding.

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