Why You Should Get Involved on Campus

Starting college is extremely exciting. Maybe you’re a wide eyed freshman, or a junior who has just transferred to the school of your dreams. Whatever your case is, starting school at a new place can be equally difficult as it is thrilling. When people move away from home for the first time to begin their college career, adjusting to a new home can be tough. Everything is different. You are forced to make new friends, learn new habits, and one of the hardest things – find a new favorite coffee shop to study in. Fortunately, most universities offer a ton of opportunities to immerse their students into trying new activities, making new friends, and acquiring a multitude of experiences outside of the classroom.

For students embarking on this new chapter of their lives, it is very important to involve yourself with something. Whether it is student government, a religious group, or a dance company, becoming involved in campus life is a wonderful way to kickstart your career in your new home. Universities are essentially a ton of small communities joining together to make one big community. Purdue University even conducted a study that showed a positive correlation between a student’s GPA and their level of involvement on campus.

There are a ton of different options for students looking to get involved on campus. If you are a natural leader and want to directly impact your university, consider being a part of the student government. If you are a part of or interested in a particular language or culture, join the club is associated with that culture. If you enjoy volunteering, there are tons of clubs that will allow you to help others. Most universities have pre-existing clubs that fit any need. However, if your university does not have a club that you like, you can most likely apply to create a club of your own.

Humane Society Club. Spanish Honors Society. Cooking Club. Young Life. Japanese Culture Club. Billiard Club. Mock Trial. Honor Societies. Ballroom Dance Club. Jiu Jitsu Club. The School Newspaper. Acapella Club. Board Game Club. Improv Club. Student Government. Greek Life. Hillel. Indian Culture Exchange. Comic Club. LARPing Club. Habitat for Humanity. Intramural Sports. The School Radio Station.

These are just a few clubs that come to mind, but your school probably has hundreds from you to choose from.

If you’re having a hard time choosing what clubs you may be interested in joining, here are some tips:

  1. Attend the student club fair! Here you will see a ton of organizations and clubs fully displayed and you will be able to chat with their current members to get a feel for the club.
  2. Ask older peers. If you have older friends or siblings who attend your university, ask for their advice and if they know of any clubs or organizations that you would like.
  3. Get involved in your major. If you are an advertising major, join your school’s advertising club. If you are a French major, join the French Honors Society. Involve yourselves in bake sales and other events put on by your specific department of study. This will make you closer to your fellow students with the same interests and even your professors.
  4. Look at the fliers. College campuses are filled with fliers hung up on walls and pasted in every hallway. Take a look at these fliers and don’t be afraid to text the number listed on the flier if you want more information about a club or organization that intrigues you.

Getting involved on campus will help you in a multitude of ways. Aside from being good resume boosters, joining a club and becoming involved on campus, especially when it is with something you are passionate


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