Will Ferrell was Even Funny Back in College

When Will Ferrell was on Conan, he spoke about how he used to prank his professor back in college. We obviously all already knew that Will Ferrell was hilarious, but this confirms any doubts we had.

Ferrell started off by describing how one day his friend encouraged him to crash in on his class. Ferrell says “I had a buddy who said ‘you should come and crash out class for no good reason.”

Will then tells us that every three weeks he would knock on the door of the classroom, dressed as a janitor. He says he would “come dressed as a janitor in the middle of the professor’s literature class, with a lit cigarette, a cleaning bucket, and a mop and say things like ‘no one threw up in here?!?”

One day, the professor decided to say something to him. He says that “I get grabbed on the shoulder. It is the professor. I got ready to apologize.” But it turns out that the professor was not mad at all. Instead, the professor said to Will “Keep doing that. It’s the funniest thing.” From then on, he would continue doing what he was doing. He would sometimes pretend to fix light sockets or would pretend to drill holes in the wall.

This taught us two things: 1) Will Ferrell has always been hilarious and 2) Thiis teacher is epic

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